Art & Yoga

It’s About Being Well
“Gran Canaria”  

Self-Awareness, Relaxation, Creativity

Love practising yoga?

Miss being creative?

Want to find out more about yourself?

Treat yourself with an unique holiday!

06. 11. - 07. 11. 2021
2 Days
On the beautiful island of Gran Canaria
Spoken language: English & German

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look forward to..

What’s included

2x Lunch, 1x Dinner (vegetarian), Snacks, Tea & Juice

1x Yang – Yin Yoga meets Self-Awareness Art-Workshop

1x Self-Awareness Workshop with Land-Art
“Wheel of Life”

1x Yin Yoga with Live Music
1x Vinyasa Yoga
3x Meditation

2x Music Workshops


what people say...

With your help, I’ve come closer to myself. Finally I could feel myself again and find a deep connection I was looking for.
social worker
"I was impressed about the creative exercises and enjoyed being around such wonderful people."
"Roxana and André empowered me to believe in my career as a freelancer! You are such amazing people and the food was great. Thank you so much!

Give yourself a break to reflect!

make your own journey!
take care of your body and mind

This holiday You will find your way back to Yourself.

We use a combination of Art, Music, Yoga and Self-Awareness Methods.
With Land-Art and Painting You create your own:

“Picture of Emotions”:
Explore your inner emotional picture. 

“Wheel of Life”:
Reflect your current situation.

Relax in daily Meditations while doing Yoga in the morning and evening.

Yin-Yoga calms and balances the mind and body.

Yang-Yoga will energise you.

Music with Jélila with energise you playfully.

You can join every course but it`s not mandatory.

Do What Feels Good To You!

a weekend full of self-care


8:30am: Arrival

9:00am: Welcome ceremony with tea

9:30am: Meditation

9:45am: Yin – Yang Yoga meets 

Self-Awareness Art-Workshop “Picture of Emotions”

12:30pm: Preparing lunch together

1:00pm: Eating together 

2:00pm: Music Workshop

5:00pm: Yin with Live Music

6:45pm: Meditation

7:00pm: Cooking Dinner together

8:00pm: Eating together


9:00am: Meditation

9:15am: Vinyasa Yoga

11:00am: Land-Art Workshop “Wheel of Life”

1:00pm: Preparing lunch together

1:30pm: Eating together

2:30pm: Music Workshop

4:00pm: Group Reflection/ Farewell

4:30pm: Departure

This is us..


Art Therapist/ Coach
Yoga Teacher


Mediator/ Trainer


Yoga Teacher
Dance Teacher



The Retreat will happen in a magical hidden place by the beach in the middle of Valle Gran Rey. Surrounded and protected by nature there is a lot of space to let go and evolve. 

Lunch, Dinner, Tea, Juice, Snacks, Art-Materials, Yoga Mats, 4x Workshops, 3x Yoga Sessions

Price for Workshops/Sessions: 180 Euro

Price for Catering: 60 Euro

Total: 240 Euros

not included: Accomodation, Transfer


How to reach the house

When you are at the location which is on the map, there is a small way up the hill. At the end there is an entrance with a blue garden gate.

If you arrive from Tenerife, there is a ferry going from Los Christianos to San Sebastian frequently. You can either come then by bus (lineá 1) or find someone driving with the car in our car sharing group. Contact us if you have issues with your arrival.

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